How Video Games Make You a Quantum Physicist

By Doc Von Derwin Video games are often regarded as a waste of time, despite being a billion dollar economy-boosting industry that provides escapism in the same manner as movies and music, and which I would argue qualify as an art form. But beneath the entertaining surface, behind every compelling zombie apocalypse narrative and bullet-time Continue Reading »

Podcast Lost In Games Episode 8 – Sexuality in Games

  This week we talk about homosexuality in videogames. I am joined by Todd Morasch as we talk about the some of the admirable and not so admirable portrayals of homosexuality through video games. We go off on tangents about movies and various other irrelevant topics, but it’s all fun none the less. Follow Us: Continue Reading »

Podcast Lost in Space Episode 22!

We’re joined by the rare Ryan Newman again and special Guest Emmett Scout for this Episode of Podcast Lost in Space! We touch on the ideal of personal security and national security, talk about work and interviews, and then get down in the mud talking about Fanart and its legal/moral right. Check Emmett out on Twitter Continue Reading »

Fast Friends to Lost Friends

By Alyssa Pereira Think back three years ago, who was your best friend? Now think back seven years ago and ask yourself the same question. Now ten years… Were they the same person? If yes, go you! Hang on to that friendship for dear life. For the rest of us, we are still in search Continue Reading »

How Boy Meets World Depressed Me

  By Alexander Pereira Television, books, video games and Taylor Swift’s first album lied about Romance and dating to all of us. We were promised and taught to expect a certain type of future that was so incredibly unrealistic that it’s amazing any of us would’ve been stupid enough to fall for it. Except I Continue Reading »

Operation Respec Weeks 1 to 3

Hey ya’ll, That’s right I’m finally updating everyone on Operation Respec and in video form! Why Video Form? It kind of just felt like the best way to do this so drop me some comments about your thoughts!

Podcast Lost in Space Episode 21!

It’s a full house again for Podcast Lost in Space Episode 21! We’re joined by special guest Cora Walker for a rather deep episode. We dig into how faith/religion and how its affected us and our growing up. Doc and I start arguing again, but that’s about normal for this sort of topic. Check Cora Continue Reading »

How to Deal With Despising Valentine’s Day When You Have a Significant Other

 Two things before we start todays how to. One: I am a self-admitted girl who despises Valentine’s Day, and I have a boyfriend. Two: I do not hate it because I think it is a social construction or a way for the card market to get some more cash before the next actual holiday. Now… Continue Reading »

Podcast Lost in Games Episode 7!

Check out another super fun episode of Podcast Lost in Games with my good friend Jake Ynzunza. We talk all sorts of great things like digital libraries, acting, cartoons, managing game time and the rest our lives. Check out Jakes cool acting stuff on and follow him on twitter @jakeynzunza. It’s Podcast Lost in Continue Reading »

Podcast Lost in Space Episode 20!

It’s Podcast Lost in Space Episode 20! We’re up to three with Alyssa, Alexander and Seneca! Come hangout as we dig into leaving home, moving our childhood home and all the junk we’ve left in mom and dad’s garage! Follow Us: @PLISOfficial on Twitter or on Facebook at Podcast Lost In Space and on Youtube atTPLIS Continue Reading »