Podcast Lost in Space Episode 26!

We’re finally back for Podcast Lost in Space Episode 26! We check in with the entire crew and then let Alyssa talk for about half of it about what she’d been doing (more than Alexander and Seneca). We talk about school, Networking and I get to talk briefly about my writing. Oh and our friend Continue Reading »

Changes to PLIS

Podcast Lost in Space originally was started by Alexander as an experiment, to see if we could pull it off. One of the things that the team has learned was that we bit off more than we could chew right off the bat, so we are going to be making some changes over the next Continue Reading »

Podcast Lost in Games 10 with Grant Oney and Paul Cochran

This weeks episode I have Grant Oney and Paul Cochran join me for a conversation about video games. Also, I get tired of writing descriptive paragraphs about my show. I mean, you have already decided, one way or another, whether you are going to listen to the show or not so why would you let Continue Reading »

Cake Recipe – Sad Puppy Edition

There would’ve been a lovely cake recipe here but Alyssa didn’t get it in before she left for all her adventures. Enjoy this Sad Puppy instead.

Podcast Lost in Games Episode 9

This week Alex Pann and I discuss pre-release content. We dive into topics such as pre-orders, betas, and early access and how they are being done right and wrong. Due to some laziness issues, there will be no intro or transition music. Deal with it. It’s a fun show and I hope you enjoy it.

Podcast Lost in Space Episode 25!

It’s a short podcast today! Join Alexander and Seneca as we talk about daylight savings time and his embarrassing inability to be smooth. It’s Podcast Lost in Space Episode 25! Follow Us: @PLISOfficial on Twitter or on Facebook at Podcast Lost In SpaceĀ and on Youtube atTPLIS Official Many thanks to Peter Scott for his awesome Continue Reading »

The American Dream: Comfortable Expectations

By Doc Von Derwin What is the American Dream? The founders of our great country dreamed of building a new nation, occupying and working the fruitful land that became so freely available after committing a mass genocide of the original owners. For the past couple hundred years, life has been about working hard to build Continue Reading »

Podcast Lost in Space Episode 24!

We got a full house today for Podcast Lost in Space Episode 24! We pull in “special” guest Joey again as we talk about Alcohol and what we think about it and how its affected us. Check out Joey on Twitter and at his Twitch Follow Us: @PLISOfficial on Twitter or on Facebook at Podcast Continue Reading »

Peak Into A Writer’s World Bible – Founding Myth

Hey Everyone, Alexander here. I’m swinging in for a last minute clutch post because the first post of the month is always the hardest for us to organize. Since our writing section is more than a little anemic, despite me being a writer — and because, I’ve forgotten the post I wanted to do about Continue Reading »

Podcast Lost In Space Episode 23!

We got Seneca back! It’s a party of three as Alexander, Seneca and Alyssa gather together to talk about our old mentors (we let Alyssa talk alot) and some stupid cereal thing that got us really talking. It’s Podcast Lost in Space Episode 23! Check out the silly cereal article! Follow Us: @PLISOfficial on Twitter Continue Reading »